Wireless Wifi Security Camera

Color: Camera
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The Wireless WIFI Security Camera is ideal for your home or office security needs. It has powerful features, from SMART AUTO TRACKING to 1080P High Pixel, Ultra-wide-angle Lens & HD Night Vision, that make it the perfect choice for any security plan. It also offers Hidden Spy Cameras and CLEAR AUDIO, so you know when people are in your space. The Wi-Fi security camera will notify you immediately on your mobile device when it detects a moving within the shooting range, enabling you to take an automatic photo of persons or animals that enter without permission. The two million pixel ultra-wide-angle lens ensures a crisp image day and night to give you superior attention to detail and peace of mind. With no details left unnoticed, the Wireless WIFI Security Camera helps offer a secure solution to monitor your space without invading anyone's privacy.

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