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Color: SOS
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Burglar Alarm Sensor: only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Caregiver Call Button: This smart caregiver pager is waterproof. This WiFi emergency alarm device can be connected to a phone to realize remote push, and take care of young and old at home anytime, anywhere. When encountering danger, the elderly can push the SOS Transmitter and the signal will be send to the phone.

More convenient for patients: Stable registration, long-distance transmit, no messy code; The super big attractive button makes the calling more convenient for patients/elderly/residents/handicapped/sick who are seeking help at home. Get the attention of others without yelling.

Features: The SOS call button is easy to carry that can be put in the pocket, hung around the neck, taped to the wall,ect.


  • Smart home platform: Tuya
  • App: Smart Life

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