Wifi Smart Natural Gas Alarm Sensor

Color: Gas AU Plug 2
Sale price$34.50


High Precision: The has an LCD screen that displays precise, real-time gas readings so that you know the exact gas concentration in the air of your home at all times.
The natural gas leak detector detects the main deadly gases: Natural gas (Methane, butane, ethane, LNG, etc) and Propane (LPG or liquefied petroleum gas).

Stylish Appearance: This newly released natural gas alarm is sleek and modern and has a beautiful blue LCD screen that will complement the style of your home or camper without detracting from your interior design.

Installation Location: This propane alarm has a long 6 foot power cord which allows you to install it in the exact ideal location in your house to allow for proper gas detection. Screw fix or paste installation.


  • Smart home platform: Tuya

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