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Interactive Dog Toys: The self moving dog ball comes with a remote control, which allows you to turn the ball on/off, turn left/right, and switch between crazy and normal modes. So you can change the direction, trajectory, and speed of the dog toys with the remote control, easy to interactive with your pet at any time. The moving dog toy has a built-in motion sensor, when you are busy or have work, your dog can also be happy to play by himself.

Timing and Rechargeable:
 Smart ball offers 30 min of active play and goes to rest mode for 10 min to keep your fur baby a good play-rest balance. When you are busy or want to take a rest but your pet is still full of energy, moving dog ball is the right choice. Also, self moving ball for dogs can last 4 hours after 1.5 hours of charging. If you find that your dog balls toy is unresponsive or slow, this is a sign of low power. After recharging, the dog ball pit will return to a positive state.

2 Modes and Cool LED Lights:
 Active rolling ball for dogs uk has normal and Crazy modes. Normal mode is automatic movement and rotation. And crazy mode is automatic movement and bouncing.The crazy mode is suitable for thin carpets and outdoor lawns. The cool LED lights will be on when the dog ball is operating, attracting pets to chase and capture it, preventing your puppy get boredom and keeping your sweety active and running.

Durable and Safe:
 We care for our dogs like babies, we want them to be happy and healthy. Dogs like biting, chewing, and licking their moving dog toys. Dog ball is made of durably natural rubber and TPU materials, which are safe and non-toxic. BPA-free, wear-resistant, and low noise. We suggest your supervision during the fun play and instruct your dog how to interact with the dog balls properly instead of just chewing on them.

Unique Fun Gift:
 Self-moving dog ball toy is an amazing entertainment dog toy for mental enrichment, keeping dogs happy and busy. Dog mental stimulation toys ball was small and agility, which is the best option for your fur babies! Many dogs with high energy enjoy it very much. This peppy pet ball makes a great birthday or memorial day gift for dogs.


  • Weight: 240g
  • Waterproof: switch between fast and slow
  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type: Balls
  • Support: USB chargeable
  • Set Type: NO
  • Pet smart toy ball: LED Flash
  • Material: Rubber
  • Electric Automatic Rotating: Jumping Ball
  • Dog toys: dog toys for large dogs
  • Color: Yellow Orange Pink
  • Cat: Interactive toys
  • Bite and tasteless: long battery life

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