Personalized Cat Leather Collar

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Color: Pink
Size: 15-23cm
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This Personalized Cat Leather Collar is a stylish and durable accessory specially designed for your feline friend. Crafted from premium quality genuine leather, this collar exudes sophistication and elegance, making your cat stand out in any crowd.

The collar features a soft and comfortable interior, ensuring your cat's comfort during wear. The adjustable buckle closure allows for a secure and snug fit, preventing the collar from slipping off during playtime or outdoor adventures. It also includes a small bell, adding a touch of charm and helping you keep track of your cat's whereabouts.

What truly sets this collar apart is its personalization feature. You can choose to have your cat's name or any special text of your choice laser-engraved onto the leather, creating a unique and sentimental accessory for your furry companion. This collar not only showcases your cat's personality but also strengthens the bond you share with them.

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