Peanut Massage Ball Set

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Design:100% EPP material which is Eco-friendly, Non-toxic, and deep massage with a Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball honeycomb pattern on the surface, Strengthens the back muscles and also beautifies the back line. Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball

Two Uses: Two sizes of the roller will fit more parts of the body. For the first time, U may feel a little hard, but try more than several times, U way get used to it and after the Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball exercise, U will feel relaxed in your body. Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball

Guide to Self Massage: Roll before and after your workout at the gym, Pilates, or yoga to condition and stretch muscle tissue, and remove painful with a honeycomb pattern. And also speed up recovery, treat muscle pain, increases performance, flexibility , and mobility  Yoga Block Roller Fitness Ball

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