Nordic Heart Gesture Sculpture

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The Nordic Heart Gesture Sculpture is a captivating art piece that exudes an aura of warmth and emotional depth. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this sculpture captures the essence of Nordic culture and the profound sentiment of heartfelt emotions.

Standing tall at approximately 1.5 meters, the sculpture features a beautifully sculpted heart made from a blend of bronze and marble. The heart's design reflects the rustic elegance often associated with Nordic art, showcasing intricate patterns inspired by traditional Nordic symbols and motifs.

The heart is held delicately by two gracefully entwined hands, also cast in bronze. The hands, crafted with astonishing lifelike precision, symbolize unity, connection, and love, embodying the profound bonds shared within Nordic communities.

The entire sculpture rests on a sturdy base, fashioned from natural wood with a polished finish, representing the strong roots and heritage of the Nordic people.


  • Type 2: Living Room Decoration
  • Type 1: Home Decore
  • Theme: Love
  • Style: europe
  • Material: resin
  • Is Smart Device: no


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