LED Photon Eye Massager

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SOLVE SKIN PROBLEMS: This facial beauty massager make you defend aging and remove sagging neck face skin, puffy eyes, furrow lines, eye wrinkles, dark circles and fade facial wrinkles. It combined galvanic,ion, warm, blue and red light with 12000 per minute vibration reborn the skin collagen, minimize pores, firming and lifting face, promotes microcycle of your skin.A good rejuvenate & youthe beaty device.

ABSORB NUTRIENTS: This face massager's positive ion can deep clean pores of skin, soften and clean out dirt,oil sebum deposit.When your face is real clean,it's positive ion function will 100% absorpted your nutrients of facial cream,serums,lotion,gel.Most hand apply skin care products absorb only 70 percent.Real absorption can be a real skin care.

RED&BLUE PHOTON FUNCTION: 640nm-650nm Red color deep into the dermis, stimulates new collagen and elastin growth, then reduces wrinkle and improve skin elasticity. 415 nm Blue color, improves acne wavelength has a rapid anti-inflammatory effect. Suitable for sensitive, oily and acne skin, It can remove acne&whelk,promote the synthesis of protein and bone collagen,activate skin, tighten relaxed skin and fetal lines.


  • Yellow LED Light: Improve Miro Circulatio;Enhance Absorption
  • Type: LED Photon Eye Massager
  • Size: Adjustable Buckle Design
  • Red LED Light-2: Photon Therapy Eye Skin Anti Winkle Aging Beauty Device
  • Red LED Light-1: Photon Therapy Eye Skin Wrinkle Remover Massage Device
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Material: anti-bacteria silicone material
  • Manufacturing Process: Machine Made
  • Function: Anti Wrinkle,Whitening,Lifting
  • Feature-6: Warm Massage Relaxing Eye Mscle
  • Feature-5: 40℃ Heating Compress Eye Massage
  • Feature-4: Eye Skin Rejuvenation Phototherapy Beauty Device
  • Feature-3: LED Photon Eye Massager Wire Control
  • Feature-2: Photon Therapy Hot Compress Eye Massage Device

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