Best Circulator Thermal Heater and Vaccum

Color: ISV-100W 220V
Plug Type: EU
Sale price$184.36


Creates Delicious Dishes: Fit your Sous Vide Cooker allows you to cook a restaurant-quality meal at home, keep the food at the perfect temperature, and come out tasting fabulous. You can cook everything: eggs, pork chops, chicken breasts, soups, salmon, burgers, and steaks, and will not overcook.

Easy to Use: Put your desired food in a sealed bag, attach the sous vide machine to a pot or container with a fully adjustable clamp, add water, connect to power, set the cooking temperature and time on the panel, and start to cook.

No App needed and No noise: Simple interface, easy to operate. Just set the temperature, and set the time. The immersion circulator will stop working and alarm you when temp reaches the target setting value, it keeps silent during cooking, no worry about the noise disturbing you.

Fast Heat Circulation and Safe:1100 watts of this sous vide immersion circulator lets the water circulation heat fast and makes the full meat tender and moist. Durable food grade 304 stainless steel is easy to clean and air dry. we also offer one cookbook recipe as a cooking reference, which makes you feel like a pro chef and love cooking.


  • Weight/Size for IS-200W: 15.4 x 2.8in, 1178g
  • Weight/Size for IS-100W: 16.5 x 2.75in, 1212g
  • Timer Range: Max 99h59m
  • Time Setting Minimum Interval: 1 minute
  • Temperature Accuracy: 0.1℃/1°F
  • Sous Vide Collection: ISV-100W and ISV-200W Sous Vide WIFI Slow Cooker Vacuum Cooker

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