Professional Hair Wax Stick Gel

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Color: 2pcs-Hair Wax Stick
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Easy Application: The wax stick gel comes in a convenient stick form, making it incredibly easy to apply directly to your hair. You can precisely control the amount and placement of the product, allowing you to create intricate hairstyles without any mess or fuss.

Strong Hold: The gel offers a strong hold that keeps your hair in place throughout the day. Whether you want a spiky, textured look or a sleek, refined style, this wax stick ensures your hair stays put, maintaining your desired look from morning until night.

Texture and Definition: Its formula enhances texture and definition, giving your hair dimension and depth. This allows you to sculpt and mold your hair into different shapes and styles, adding a dynamic element to your overall appearance.

Versatility: The Professional Hair Wax Stick Gel works well with various hair types, lengths, and styles. It can be used on short hair to create edgy spikes or on longer hair to achieve a natural, tousled look. Additionally, it complements various hair textures, from straight to wavy to curly.

Non-Greasy Formula: The wax stick gel is designed to be non-greasy, preventing your hair from looking oily or weighed down. It provides a matte finish, which gives your hairstyle a sophisticated and modern appearance.


  • Number of Pieces: One Unit
  • NET WT: 75g
  • Material: paste

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