Gym Equipment Exercised Abdomen Arms

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Abdominal Crunches: Sit on the padded seat, place your hands on the armrests or handles, and lean back slightly. Engage your core muscles and perform controlled crunches to target the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles.

Bicep Curls: While seated, hold onto the handles or grips with your palms facing upward. Curl your arms upward, contracting the biceps, and then lower them back down slowly to work on arm strength and definition.

Triceps Extensions: Sitting upright, grip the handles with your palms facing downward. Extend your arms downward against the resistance, engaging the triceps, and then return to the starting position to tone and firm the back of your arms.

Effective Core Strengthening: The abdominal crunches on this machine target the entire core region, including the upper and lower abs, helping to improve core stability and posture.


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