Foot Stretcher

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TOTAL PAIN RELIEF: Treats Plantar Fasciitis pain! Stretching 10 minutes a day with our Leg Stretcher Strap will strengthen the muscles, ease muscle tension and stretch the plantar fascia to increase blood flow throughout your entire leg.

REDEFINING VERSATILITY: Ankle Stretcher, Hamstring Stretcher, Achilles Stretcher, Plantar Fasciitis Stretcher (So many names!) Call it what you want, its a total ligament stretching belt we built to handle every job you throw at it.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Quality you say? We can't be beat! We use premium materials like seatbelt webbing for long term use of our stretch out strap for physical therapy. Forget buying a leg stretcher machine, foot rocker or plantar fasciitis night splint.


  • Type of sports: Balance Training
  • Training Site: Muscle Relex Apparatus,Foot
  • Function: Muscle Relex Apparatus
  • Classified by Exerciser Number: 1

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