Fixed Angle Whetstone Bar Tungsten Steel Kitchen Gadgets

Color: Green
Sale price$40.52


Product Information:
Product Category: Kitchen Gadget Set
Specification: mustard green, white
Style: modern and simple
Material: ABS+tungsten steel+PVC

1. This sharpener is not suitable for serrated knives and scissors;
2. Under normal circumstances, we recommend to use it once a week;.
3. Never grind the knife back and forth on the sharpener, but sharpen it in the direction of the arrow;
4. Don't use too much force when sharpening the knife, so as not to damage the blade;
5. After grinding, please clean up and keep dry;
6. Please use a brush to clean the tungsten steel blade and keep it clean;
7. Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher or contact with water.

Packing List:
Plastic sharpener x1

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