Electric Cat Kitten Dance Fish Toy

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The Electric Cat Kitten Dance Fish Toy is an innovative and interactive pet toy designed to entertain and engage cats and kittens. This toy is shaped like a realistic fish, complete with lifelike patterns and colors, making it visually appealing to your feline friend.

The main feature of this toy is its electric movement and dance capabilities. Inside the fish's body, there are motors and sensors that bring the toy to life, simulating the movements of a real fish swimming in water. The toy can wiggle, flap, and swerve in a way that imitates the natural movements of a fish, captivating your cat's attention and triggering their hunting instincts.

The Electric Cat Kitten Dance Fish Toy is equipped with smart sensors that react to your cat's touch and movements. When your cat pounces on the toy or bats it with their paw, it responds by adjusting its movements, encouraging your furry companion to stay engaged and play for longer periods.


  • Type: cats
  • Toys Type: Mice & Animal Toys
  • Material: PP Cotton


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