Cat Grooming anti scratch bite fixed bag

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Color: Black
Size: 2-6KG
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Secure Restraint: The bag is equipped with adjustable straps and secure fastenings, which safely immobilize the cat during grooming. This prevents any sudden movements or escapes, ensuring the cat remains in place and reducing the risk of scratches or bites to the groomer.

Anti-Scratch and Bite Design: The bag's interior is lined with soft, padded materials that provide a gentle touch and reduce the likelihood of the cat scratching or biting itself during the grooming process. This feature is particularly useful for cats that may become anxious or agitated during grooming sessions.

Breathable and Comfortable: The bag is designed to allow proper airflow and ventilation, ensuring the cat stays cool and comfortable throughout the grooming session. The breathable materials also prevent the cat from feeling trapped or overheated.

Transparent Window: The bag includes a transparent window that allows the groomer to monitor the cat's behavior and easily access the specific areas that need grooming. This window helps maintain a connection with the cat and offers a less invasive grooming experience.

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