Buttock Trainer Muscle Inner Thigh Trainer

Color: Beige
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Exercise Pelvic Floor Muscle: The hip exerciser clamp exercise pelvic floor muscle, the hip exerciser can effectively exercise pelvic floor muscles to achieve the beautiful buttock effect, the pelvic floor muscle medial exerciser can lift, shape and firm the hips, thighs, and create beautiful hips.

Keep the Pelvis Healthy: The hip muscle inner thigh trainer is ergonomically design, hip trainer clip adopted ergonomically designed to match pelvic floor muscles, hip muscle medial trainer is uniform force to keep the pelvis healthy. The hip trainer clip is the best gift choice for women and men to home workout equipment.

Hip Trainer Clip: The hip muscle trainer is easy to use. daily use: 5 sets of 10 minutes a day, exhale from below the abdomen for 5 seconds, then slowly inhale back, doing 8 to 10 gulps at a time.

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