Baby Summer Sleeping Bags

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Color: leaves
Kid Size: S-55cm(0-3M)
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Baby Summer Sleeping Bags are specially designed sleepwear for infants and young children, providing a safe and comfortable sleeping environment during warm summer nights. These sleeping bags are crafted from lightweight and breathable materials to ensure optimal airflow, preventing overheating and promoting a restful sleep for the baby.

The sleeping bags typically feature a sleeveless or short-sleeved design, allowing little ones to move their arms freely and reducing the risk of them becoming entangled during sleep. They are also designed with a roomy, sack-like shape to provide ample space for the baby's legs to move naturally.

To ensure ease of use, most baby summer sleeping bags come with secure and easy-to-use closures, such as zippers or snaps, positioned along the front or side. This makes it convenient for parents to put their baby in and take them out of the sleeping bag without disturbing their slumber.

Safety is a paramount consideration in the design of these sleeping bags. They typically come with fitted neck and arm openings to prevent slipping down over the baby's head, reducing the risk of suffocation. Additionally, they are often made with flame-resistant materials for added peace of mind.


  • Tight Necklinen: no
  • Temperature: 24℃ above
  • Season: Summer
  • Pattern Type: Print

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