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100 % FOOD GRADE QUALITY SILICONE: When your child is ready to consume solid or semisolid foods, you'll want the best baby-feeding spoon to make the transition easier. Introducing the Zulay Kitchen 6-piece Baby Infant Silicone Spoon Set made of 100 % BPA-free silicone with a flexible nice soft tip that protects babies’ gums, palate, tongue, or mouth during feeding. Comes in 6 beautiful colors.

GENTLE ON BABIES GUMS & PALATE: Made of top-grade soft silicone that is perfect for the baby's early eating stage as it acts like little rubber spatulas to get every last drop of your precious baby food out of the jar or bowl. It has the right size and shape that is tailored for your little one’s mouth when feeding or teething. Ideal for ages 4 months & higher. A sturdy internal core gives the spoon a durable structure.

FUNCTIONAL & ERGONOMIC: This soft silicone spoon set is engineered with a contoured handle that offers an easy grip designed to be held by adult and baby hands comfortably. Its dimension of 6 x 1 inch is long enough to get into a deep jar, take an easy scoop, and hold food securely making feeding time non-messy and convenient.

EASY TO CLEAN: Regardless of whether you’re diving into purees for the first time or prepping your baby for self-feeding, these spoons are just what a busy mom needs. Cleaning can be done by hand wash or dishwasher. Note: Handwashing is recommended for preserving the shape and smooth texture of the spoon over time.


  • type7: baby tableware
  • type5: baby dishes
  • type4: silicone dishes
  • type3: silicone tableware
  • type2: baby goods

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