Adjustable Power Wrist Arm Strength Exerciser

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High Quality Material: The twister arm exerciser is made of high-density double carbon steel, abs, TPR, and reinforced with 10 screws, the material is strong, slight impact and extrusion will not have any effect, the bottom of the torsion arm is made of ergonomic PU handle, which is wear-resistant, non-slip, and comfortable to hold.

 Gears Adjustable Resistance Level: The power twister arm exerciser has 2-20 levels of free adjustment, can be adjusted from 22lbs to 440lbs, easily turn the knob left or right, and increase or decrease the resistance to meet your needs in different training stages, whether you are a novice or veteran, accompany your entire fitness career.

Hydraulic Pressure Protection: The hydraulic power twister arm exerciser adopts a totally-enclosed hydraulic cylinder, with unique safe hydraulic adjustment system principle, its opening angle remains the same even if you adjust the resistance strength, which is safer and more durable, unlike other spring based exercisers, it will remain safe with no spring breakages or deformation.

Professional Safe Fitness:The new hydraulic power twister has golden ratio triangle structure, will always keep the power twister in a stable state which is a safer and more scientific structure, professional micro-rebound, the opening angle is unchanged, the exercise stroke is also unchanged, completely solve the safety hazard for fitness with no hurt, it is more effective for muscle training.


  • Type of sports: Strength Training
  • Type: Wrist Exerciser
  • Training Site: Wrist
  • Name: Power Wrist
  • Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise

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