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96 LEDs Torch Flame Solar Garden Light

1. Solar garden lights, plug in the lighting the torch on the lawn, garden decoration / PartyCamping, realistic flame looks, the 96 LED lamp beads used, each LED flashes a warm yellow light, the effect is real.
2. Charging with solar light and saving energy: during the day, it collects electricity through the sun and automatically switches on the night lighting, which automatically switches off and stores solar energy.
3. Waterproof solar garden light. Waterproof IP65: It can withstand wind and rain, but it can not be submerged in water. It uses ABS material and is durable.
4. Very easy to install: no cabling, no power, easy to assemble and install wherever you want. Three modes are adjustable.
5. Suitable for gardens, paths, pool, garden, benches, balconies, fences, decks and other areas. It helps with parties, camping, barbecue, weddings, Christmas and more.