Foldable 2 In 1 Pet Travel Water Bottle

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Dual-functionality: The bottle combines two essential components - a water dispenser and a detachable water bowl. This clever design allows you to dispense water for your pet directly into the bowl without the need for separate containers.

Leak-proof design: The water bottle is engineered with a secure and leak-proof seal, preventing any water from spilling or leaking out during transport. This feature ensures your belongings and pet remain dry and comfortable.

User-friendly operation: The water dispenser features a simple one-hand operation, making it easy to control the water flow with a press of a button. This design allows you to provide your pet with water quickly and efficiently, reducing any hassle during your outings.

Portable and foldable: When not in use, the water bottle can be collapsed or folded into a compact size, saving space in your backpack or bag. The foldable design also makes it easy to carry and attach to a belt or pet's leash using a built-in clip or strap.


  • Volume: 250g
  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Type: Food Storage
  • Applicable Dog Breed: Universal


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