Baby Massage Cleansing Brush

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The Baby Massage Cleansing Brush is a specialized and gentle grooming tool designed specifically for babies and infants. This brush is crafted with soft, hypoallergenic bristles that are gentle on delicate baby skin, ensuring a soothing and comfortable experience during massage and cleansing routines.

The brush is thoughtfully designed to offer multiple benefits for the baby's well-being. Firstly, it serves as an aid during baby massage sessions, promoting relaxation, improved blood circulation, and enhanced bonding between the caregiver and the baby. The soft bristles gently glide over the baby's skin, creating a calming sensation that can help soothe fussy or restless infants.

Additionally, the Baby Massage Cleansing Brush doubles as a cleansing tool for the baby's body. Whether during bath time or as part of a regular cleansing routine, the brush effectively assists in the removal of impurities, dirt, and dry skin, leaving the baby feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


  • type 01: Cosmetics tools
  • type: Skin Care Tool
  • name2: Facial Care Tool
  • name1: Face Skin Care Tools (None Electric)

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