1pcs Artificial Bonsai Plants

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Color: pink
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Lifelike Realism: Our Artificial Bonsai Plant showcases incredibly lifelike foliage, replicating the intricate patterns and textures of a mature bonsai tree. Each leaf is thoughtfully crafted to mimic the unique characteristics of a genuine bonsai, ensuring a truly authentic appearance.

Durable Materials: Carefully constructed from premium quality materials, the artificial bonsai is built to withstand the test of time. The foliage is made from high-grade synthetic fibers, while the tree trunk and branches are crafted from durable, yet flexible, materials to ensure lasting beauty.

Easy Maintenance: Unlike its living counterpart, this artificial bonsai requires minimal upkeep. Forget about watering, pruning, and worrying about sunlight exposure. Simply place it in your desired spot, and its captivating allure will remain intact year-round.


  • Plant Style: BONSAI
  • Placement: Desktop
  • Material: Plastic


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