14 in 1 Push-Up Rack Board

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Multifunctional Design: The board is equipped with multiple color-coded positions and angles, each targeting specific muscle groups. These positions allow users to engage different muscle sets, such as the chest, shoulders, back, triceps, and core, for a comprehensive upper-body workout.

Adjustable Angles: The board's adjustable angles cater to users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Users can change the position of the handles to modify the difficulty of the exercises and progressively challenge themselves.

Non-Slip Surface: The surface of the board is designed to provide a non-slip grip, ensuring stability and preventing injuries during intense workout sessions.

Portable and Compact: The board's compact design makes it easy to transport and store, making it ideal for home gyms, fitness centers, or even outdoor workouts.

Full Body Workout: Beyond targeting the upper body, the 14 in 1 Push-Up Rack Board allows for a full-body workout by incorporating variations like mountain climbers, plank exercises, and more.


  • Type of sports: Strength Training
  • Specification: 63x18.5x2cm
  • Form: Echelon Push-up Rack
  • Applicable scene: fitness equipment, fitness and body, sports trends

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