Long-Peach Sakura Artificial flower

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The Long-Peach Sakura Artificial Flower is a stunning and lifelike representation of the delicate cherry blossom, commonly known as Sakura. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this artificial flower showcases a graceful spray of elongated peach-colored petals that exude a sense of elegance and charm.

Each individual petal is carefully designed to mimic the soft and velvety texture of real cherry blossoms, while the vibrant peach hue adds a touch of warmth and femininity to any setting. The flower's slender stem is also artfully crafted to resemble the natural look of a cherry blossom branch, further enhancing its authenticity.

Measuring [insert dimensions], this artificial flower is versatile and can be used in various decorative arrangements. Whether it's used as a focal point in a floral centerpiece, integrated into a larger bouquet, or placed in a single stem vase to create a minimalist and modern display, the Long-Peach Sakura Artificial Flower effortlessly brings the beauty of springtime into any space, regardless of the season.


  • use 3: maraige bridal bouquet
  • use 2: wedding decorative flowers
  • use 1: home decor
  • package: 1pcs
  • length: 100cm
  • kind: cherry blossom

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