Digital 4 In 1 Soil PH Meter

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The ultimate tool for a healthy garden: the 4-in-1 Plant Diagnosis Meter! 
The Digital 4 In 1 Soil PH Meter Moisture Monitor Temperature Sunlight Tester is the perfect tool for gardening and farming. With its easy-to-use design, you can monitor soil moisture measurement, sunlight intensity gauge, soil pH level, and temperature with just one device! Plus, it's equipped with a black light that helps diagnose plant health quickly and accurately. This ultimate plant growth meter will help keep your plants flourishing like never before! 



  • Accurate soil testing for various parameters
  • Plant diagnosis tool to identify potential problems and assess plant health
  • Detailed readings on moisture, temperature, sunlight intensity, and PH level of the soil
  • Direct indication to adjust watering schedules accordingly
  • Robust design ensures accuracy over prolonged use


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