Yoga Building Blocks

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Stability and Support: Yoga blocks provide stability and support during yoga poses, especially for beginners or individuals with limited flexibility. Placing a block under the hands, feet, or hips can help maintain proper alignment and prevent strain or injury.

Extension and Reach: They serve as an extension of your limbs, allowing you to reach further into poses that may otherwise be challenging. For instance, if you cannot touch the floor in a forward bend, placing a block beneath your hands brings the ground closer to you.

Modifications and Adaptations: Yoga blocks facilitate modifications to make poses accessible to individuals with different abilities or physical limitations. They enable practitioners to experience the benefits of a pose without compromising alignment or safety.

Balance and Core Strengthening: By incorporating yoga blocks into certain poses, you engage your core muscles to maintain stability. This helps improve balance and develops strength over time.


  • Attribute Two: Beautiful Body Structure
  • Attribute Three: Dance Sports, Fitness Equipment

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