Sandstone Kissing Lover Statuettes

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The Sandstone Kissing Lover Statuettes are a captivating and intricately crafted piece of art that captures the essence of love and romance. These statuettes feature two beautifully sculpted figures, each exuding an aura of affection and tenderness.

Meticulously carved from high-quality sandstone, the statuettes exhibit a smooth and tactile surface, with subtle variations in color that add to their natural allure. The artists have skillfully captured the finest details, from the flowing contours of their garments to the delicate expressions on the faces of the lovers.

The male and female figures are entwined in a loving embrace, their bodies gracefully intertwined to symbolize unity and harmony. The way their hands and lips meet convey a sense of intimacy and closeness, evoking the timeless sensation of a passionate kiss.

Standing at a modest height, the statuettes fit perfectly on a mantelpiece, shelf, or any prominent display area. The Sandstone Kissing Lover Statuettes serve as an elegant statement piece, capable of adding a touch of romance and beauty to any room or decor.


  • Use In: Home Office Cafe Stores Wedding Decoration
  • Theme: People
  • Size: 23*8*5cm / 9.1*3.1*2 Inch
  • Regional Feature: europe
  • Material: Stone
  • Made By: Nature Sandstone
  • Fetures2: Environmentally Friendly

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