USB Electric Eyebrow Trimmer

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Precision Trimming: The eyebrow trimmer is equipped with high-precision blades that delicately trim unwanted hair with extreme accuracy. It ensures smooth and neat results without causing any discomfort or irritation.

USB Rechargeable: Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries. This eyebrow trimmer features a USB rechargeable battery, allowing you to conveniently charge it using a computer, power bank, or wall adapter. Its long-lasting battery life ensures continuous usage without interruptions.

Multiple Attachments: The trimmer comes with various eyebrow comb attachments, each designed to achieve different eyebrow lengths and shapes. This versatility allows you to customize your eyebrow grooming experience according to your preferences.

Safe and Gentle: The eyebrow trimmer is engineered with safety in mind. The rounded blade tips prevent accidental cuts or nicks, ensuring a safe and pain-free grooming experience, even for those with sensitive skin.


  • Purpose: For beard and mustache, For eyebrows
  • Power type: Mains operation
  • Motor type: vibratory

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