Beauty Lifting Contouring Ice Balls

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Food Grade Silicone Material: This ice face roller is made of silicone material by, safety, and durability. Also, the silicone skin care tools are food-grade, BPA-free and non-toxic, safe to use even for a baby.

Easy to Use: This Facial Ice Roller is easy to operate. It can be used after adding water, essential oils, roses, etc, and then put it in the refrigerator after freezing, just slide on clean skin, and it can also be recycled.

This face massager irritates the skin, shrinks pores, and can effectively treat enlarged pores. It can also lubricate the skin, making it more elastic and contractile.In summer, it can lower the temperature of sun-exposed skin, which is beneficial to the skin. Ice rollers have the effect of constricting pores, calming the skin, and also effectively promoting blood circulation in the face

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