Baby Electric Simulate Driving Steering Toys

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Realistic Simulation: The toy is designed to resemble a miniature car or vehicle, complete with a steering wheel, dashboard, and various buttons and controls that resemble those found in actual cars.

Electric Motion: The toy is powered by a battery or electricity, which allows it to move forward and backward at a safe and controlled speed. The motion is typically slow to ensure the child's safety during play.

Steering Wheel: The most prominent feature is the functional steering wheel. When the child turns the wheel, the toy responds accordingly, enabling the child to simulate driving and control the direction of the vehicle.

Interactive Elements: The toy may incorporate interactive elements such as honking horn sounds, engine noises, blinking lights, and other fun features that engage the child's senses and imagination.

Safety Features: These toys are designed with safety in mind, with smooth edges and non-toxic materials to ensure the child's well-being during play. Additionally, they often have a secure seat or harness to keep the child safely seated.


  • Type: Simulators
  • Features: Diecast
  • Battery: Alkaline AA
  • Barcode: No

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