Silicon Baby Feeding Cups

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Material: The cups are crafted from premium, BPA-free silicone, which is known for its flexibility, durability, and non-toxic properties. It ensures the safety of your child and provides a hygienic feeding experience.

Design: The cups feature a user-friendly design that is easy for small hands to hold. They are lightweight, making them ideal for babies who are just starting to learn self-feeding. The cups also have soft, rounded edges to prevent any discomfort while your baby drinks or eats from them.

Spill-Proof: Baby Silicon Feeding Cups come with a spill-proof lid and a silicone valve that helps control the flow of liquids, reducing the chances of messy spills and leaks. This feature enables babies to independently practice drinking from a cup without constant assistance.

Measurement Markings: Many cups have convenient measurement markings on the side, allowing you to keep track of your baby's fluid intake accurately. It helps monitor their feeding progress and ensures they receive the appropriate amount of milk, formula, or other liquids.

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