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Fitness Ladder: The fitness ladder, also known as an agility ladder or speed ladder, is a long, flat ladder made of durable and lightweight material, such as nylon or plastic. It features a series of evenly spaced rungs or steps, which athletes can quickly and precisely move their feet between. The ladder is typically laid out on the ground, allowing users to perform a variety of footwork drills and exercises.

Flexibility Straps: Flexibility straps, also known as stretching straps or resistance bands, are typically made from elastic material or strong nylon with adjustable loops or handles at each end. These straps are designed to assist with stretching and improving flexibility in various muscle groups.


  • Weight: 0.53Kg
  • Size: 2-10m
  • Material: PP
  • Item Name: Nylon Straps Training Ladders
  • Feature3: Gym Sport Training Ladder

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