Dog Tumbler Slow Feeder Toy

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Playmate for Dogs: This is a slow feeder food dispenser and also an interactive pet toy. It can effectively stimulate the dog's brain, improve the dog's playfulness and intellectual development, and keep them busy.

Rolling Leaky Treat Toy: Rolling balance system, no need for electric drive, no matter how the dog pushes it, it will remain standing. Dogs can get treat rewards by constantly pushing it, greatly extending your pet's eating time and fun.

Protect Dog's Stomach: By limiting the amount of food your dog gets, it helps your dog eat scientifically and eliminates your pet's bad eating habits. Prevent vomiting, choking, and gastrointestinal discomfort caused by dogs eating too fast.

Safe and Easy To Use: Made of sturdy ABS material, safe and non-toxic. You can easily add your dog's favorite snacks, no assembly is required, just rinse and dry with warm soapy water after use. Note: The size of the treat should match the leak hole.

Perfect Pet Gift: This dog toy would be a very thoughtful gift for your cats and dogs, and your family and friends who raise cats or dogs. Your naughty active dogs will be love this IQ treat ball toy to kill the boring time. Also ideal for birthdays, holidays and other gift-giving occasions.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Toys Type:: Interactive Dog Tumbler Toys
  • Toys Type: Interactive Toys
  • Sizes: 138*80*111mm
  • Set Type: YES
  • Material: Plastic
  • Food Leaking Toy: Improve IQ Training

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