Baby Knitted Breathable Blankets

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The Baby Knitted Cotton Blankets are cozy and soft blankets designed specifically for newborns and infants. They are made from high-quality, 100% cotton yarn, ensuring a gentle touch against the baby's delicate skin.

These blankets feature a knitted construction, which adds to their charm and creates a lovely texture. The intricate knit patterns give the blankets a timeless and classic look, making them perfect for both traditional and modern nurseries.

The cotton material used in these blankets is breathable, allowing air to circulate and regulate the baby's body temperature. This helps keep the baby comfortable and prevents overheating during sleep or playtime.

With their lightweight nature, the knitted cotton blankets provide just the right amount of warmth without being too heavy or restrictive. They are ideal for various uses, such as swaddling, snuggling, or as a stroller or car seat cover.

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