Crystal Soil Plant Flower Jelly Mud

Color: orange
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Jelly Mud: this Crystal Soil Plant Flower Jelly Mud  odorless and will not pollute.Please keep away from kids under 3 years old, let them play under adult's supervision.

Size: Before: 2.5-3mm , After absorbing water: about 15mm.These beads puff up like magic and absorb water up to 50 to 100 times its original weight allowing plants or flowers to be moist without over watering.

Recommended to decorate indoor plants: and to keep your flowers and plants fresh for a long time. New environmental friendly potting soil water beads. Can store and hold water and nutrition, and steadily release it as the plants needs are required.

They Can Be Used As A Substitute For Water: In Your Vases Or Just As A Decorative Display. Perfect For Weddings Or Event Centrepieces.


  • water crystal beads: water pearls
  • magic ball: water beads for plants
  • cristal flower weding decorstion: water gel beads
  • Type: Crystal Soil
  • Nickname two: hydrogel
  • Nickname three: water beads
  • Nickname four: growing water balls
  • Nickname five: Orbiz balls
  • Nickname: orbiz growing bulbs
  • Model Number: water beads,decoracion hogar
  • Diameter: 9-11mm
  • Color: multicolors

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