Vegetable Pellets Seed Starting Plugs

Sheet Size: 1pc
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Material: As a raw material, sphagnum moss is environmentally friendly and can be fully degraded; it is convenient for transplanting and colonizing operations, improving efficiency and success rate of transplanting. It can be transplanted and planted without detachment. The unique net cover design is convenient for the transportation and transplanting of seedlings, and it is not scattered.

Easy to use: The operation is very simple! Just add water to the seed starter, insert the seeds or cuttings and keep them moist, in a miniature greenhouse. Then grow them and transplant them into a planter or your garden. It's amazing to see the results! Great for beginners in gardening and also for kids.

Unique network design: Net bag compressed nursery nutrient block, diameter 30 mm.
Use steps: 1. Place the nursery in a small container filled with water; 2. Pour into the water without adding seeds; 3. As the seedlings continue to grow and replenish in time, the entire expansion process takes about 3-5 minutes; 4. In the nursery The top of the block is buried in the middle of the seed, and the seed can be completely placed in the matrix. The depth of the seed is entered according to the size of the seed diameter. The general depth is twice the seed diameter.


  • size: 30 mm/1.18"
  • Used With: Flower/Green Plant
  • Usage Condition: Floor
  • Type: Propagator Kits
  • Style: Modern Style
  • Quantity: 1/5/10
  • Model Number: Seedling Soil Block
  • Material: Seedling Soil Block
  • Finishing: Not Coated

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