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Seed Grow Sponges

Grow Sponges for Hydroponic: The size of the hydroponic sponge after soaking is about 2.08"* 1.18", which is compatible with the square grow basket. Our seed pod kit is suitable for indoor hydroponic growing system or outdoor soil planting. The seeds after rooting can be easily transplanted into the soil.

Premium Growing Media: The organic growth sponges are made from high-quality peat, which is well-shaped, strong water wicking ability provides seeds with the perfect balance of oxygen and water for optimal growth. You can use the seed starter kit with hydroponic growing systems for reliable germination and healthy root development.

Designed with a Hole:The top of the seed pods features a small hole that allows you to place seeds into them to make sure the seeds will not fall into the water. Put the grow sponges soaking in water for 3-5 minutes, and put seeds in the middle hole, then put the seed starter pods into the hydroponic growing system and wait for the seeds to start.


  • Type: Nursery Pots
  • Set Type: NO
  • Model Number: Planting Grow Sponge
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Finishing: Not Coated