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32" Extra Tall- Raised Garden Bed with Open Base

Take your green thumb to new heights with our 32 Extra Tall Raised Garden Bed, where flowers and green plants can reach for the sky, while nursery pots stay firmly grounded on the open base.

Introducing our 32" Extra Tall Raised Garden Bed, the perfect solution for those looking to grow their own flowers and green plants with ease.

This raised garden bed stands tall above ground level, providing ample space for your favorite nursery pots or a layer of soil to create a lush floor of blooming foliage.


The open base design allows for proper drainage while also deterring unwanted rodents or pests from entering your personal garden oasis.

Crafted with durable materials, this raised garden bed is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions and provides an elegant touch to any outdoor living space. Embark on your gardening journey today with our 32" Extra Tall Raised Garden Bed!

  • Elevate your gardening game with our 32" Extra Tall Raised Garden Bed, perfect for growing beautiful flowers and green plants
  • Say goodbye to back pain caused by bending over to this raised garden bed that sits at a comfortable level on the floor
  • The open base design allows for proper drainage and prevents water from pooling, ensuring the healthy growth of your nursery pots
  • Made with high-quality materials, this sturdy garden bed will last season after season, providing you with endless opportunities to cultivate your own fresh produce or create an eye-catching outdoor display


Product Features


  1. 20 Years Plus Lifespan
  2. VZ 2.0 material made from a steel substrate coated with Zinc, Aluminum, & Magnesium 
  3. 5 Different Configurations
    Build one of five possible configurations from one compact, modular kit
  4. 50 Minutes Assembly
  5. Quick and easy to assemble so you can get back to gardening
  6. 100% Recyclable Metal
    Corrosion-resistant metal will survive the elements for decades, but when you’re ready to replace it, the metal is entirely recyclable


  • Color: Silver
  • Overall dimension: 62" x 32" x 32" (L x W x H)
  • Capacity: 35.5 cu. ft/ 264 gallon  
  • Net weight: 48.5 lbs


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