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Plant Seed Grows Box

Plant Starter Kit: Our set comes with 10 Seed Trays, 10 Watertight Base Trays, 10 Humidity Domes, 10 Plant Labels, 1 Seedling Dibber, and 1 Widger. Each seedling kit comes with instructions on how to efficiently germinate seeds.

Create A Mini Greenhouse: Maintain a healthy flourishing garden with these lightweight, reusable seed germination trays. Cultivate and sow a wide range of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and other types of plants using our indoor seed starter.

Healthy Plant Development: The benefits of our planting trays are the humidity-control dome lid keeps seedlings moist and minimizes water evaporation, while the base tray balances the moisture levels by providing some warmth to the plant bed.


  • Set Type: NO
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Planting Tools: Planting Tools
  • Nursery Pots: Nursery Pots
  • Model Number: Planting Box
  • Material: Plastic
  • Is Smart Device: NO
  • Grow Box: Grow Box
  • Garden Tool: Garden Tool
  • Finishing: Not Coated