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Electric Fruit Pruning Tool

Cutting range: diameter 30mm hard branches (hard branches: holly, boxwood, cypress, juniper, crape myrtle, tea tree, etc.) to 45mm soft branches (soft branches: grape branches)
Electric scissors, battery, charger, power cable, battery backpack, maintenance and adjustment tools set, toolbox, instruction manual

More effort: only need to lightly press the finger, the branches can be cut instantly, the power is strong, the new brushless DC motor is used, the power is strong, and the long-term work is no longer a sore arm pain

The work performance: is stable and the trim quality can meet the horticultural requirements. The flatness of the surface is better than that of manual trimming, and there is basically no leakage. The formed canopy surface is large, the trimming surface is neat and beautiful, and the germination of the bud leaves is neat and tidy than the manual pruning, and the number of germination is more


  • Power Source: Electric Hedge Trimmers

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